How to get to Dois Rios Beach

Praia de Dois Rios is a beautiful and picturesque place situated in a cove between two steep mountains. In the past, the area where the beach is located was used as the site for a maximum security prison, which operated from 1904 to 1994. The prison was known as one of the strictest and most severe in Brazil, and was closed amidst many controversies. . Today, the beach is a peaceful and popular spot for tourists looking to relax amidst nature.
Dois Rios Beach – Ilha Grande

Option 1: arrive on foot

If you like hiking, one option is to take the path from Vila do Abraão to Praia de Dois Rios. The precurso is a medium-sized street where UERJ vehicles pass, it is well signposted and is about 9 km long on gravel, or 7 km if you take narrower shortcuts and only demarcated by the footprints of those who pass through it. It crosses several natural landscapes, including beaches, waterfalls and mountains. The walk can take around 2 to 3 hours, depending on your pace.

The most used reference point is the beginning of the road for vehicles, (click here to see the map). Once there you just have to follow it to the Dois Rios Beach.

When you arrive you will find an uninhabited town, a museum where the old prison and the University dependencies operated. The places to discover are beautiful: nature invading what used to be a town, the façade of one of the most infamous prisons in Brazil and a heavenly beach in the background. The beach is surrounded by two freshwater rivers, hence its name of the beach of the two rivers, whose water is dark but pristine and cool to the touch.

Just in case, the Google Maps path clicking Here.

Hike to dois rios beach in ilha grande
For specific details of the hike click on the image above.

Option 2: Super Sul Speedboat Tour

The speedboat ride that makes the Super Sul itinerary passes through Dois Rios Beach, but depends on excellent sea conditions to sail. It is common that this tour does not leave in bad weather. Don’t count on him to meet this lovely place.

Option 3: Private Speedboat Tour

There is also the possibility of hiring a private speedboat to arrive and visit Dois Rios Beach. The cost will depend on the vessel, the sailor and the other stops you wish to add.

General recommendations

  1. Check the weather conditions before going out.
  2. Leave early and return early (ideally leave before 8 am and return at 3:30 pm).
  3. Bring enough water and food for lunch.
  4. Wear old and comfortable shoes. Wear Band-Aids.
  5. Even if it’s cloudy, use sunscreen.
  6. Bring and use mosquito repellent.

*Sometimes be available boats to return to Vila do Abraão, but not always, and when they are, the prices are very high.